O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY Version 7 Dictionary Accessibility Support
_4030_dump_bitvec bitvec to specify dumps prior to 4030 error
_4031_dump_bitvec bitvec to specify dumps prior to 4031 error
_4031_dump_interval Dump 4031 error once for each n-second interval
_4031_max_dumps Maximum number of 4031 dumps for this process
_4031_sga_dump_interval Dump 4031 SGA heapdump error once for each n-second interval
_4031_sga_max_dumps Maximum number of SGA heapdumps
_ILM_FILTER_TIME Upper filter time for ILM block compression
_ILM_FILTER_TIME_LOWER Lower filter time for ILM block compression
_ILM_POLICY_NAME User specified ILM policy name
_adaptive_fetch_enabled enable/disable adaptive fetch in parallel group by
_adaptive_window_consolidator_enabled enable/disable adaptive window consolidator PX plan
_add_col_optim_enabled Allows new add column optimization
_add_nullable_column_with_default_optim Allows add of a nullable column with default optimization
_add_stale_mv_to_dependency_list add stale mv to dependency list
_adg_buffer_wait_timeout Active Dataguard buffer wait time in cs
_adjust_literal_replacement If TRUE, we will adjust the SQL/PLUS output
_advanced_index_compression_options advanced index compression options
_advanced_index_compression_options_value advanced index compression options2
_advanced_index_compression_trace advanced index compression trace
_aggregation_optimization_settings settings for aggregation optimizations
_allow_cell_smart_scan_attr Allow checking smart_scan_capable Attr
_allow_commutativity allow for commutativity of +, * when comparing expressions
_allow_level_without_connect_by allow level without connect by
_alter_common_user_schema allow local user to create objects in common schema
_alternate_iot_leaf_block_split_points enable alternate index-organized table leaf-block split-points
_always_anti_join always use this method for anti-join when possible
_always_semi_join always use this method for semi-join when possible
_always_star_transformation always favor use of star transformation
_am_container_filesystem_ausize allocation unit size for non-ASM containers
_am_max_seg_bytes maximum number of bytes per array segment
_am_timeouts_enabled enable timeouts
_am_trace_buffer_size size of per-process I/O trace buffer
_and_pruning_enabled allow partition pruning based on multiple mechanisms
_arch_comp_dbg_scan archive compression scan debug
_arch_comp_dec_block_check_dump decompress archive compression blocks for checking and dumping
_arch_compress_checksums enable/disable row checksums for archive compressed blocks
_array_cdb_view_enabled array mode enabled for CDB views
_array_update_vector_read_enabled Enable array update vector read
_asm_allow_lvm_resilvering Enable disk resilvering for external redundancy
_asm_evenread ASM Even Read level
_asm_evenread_alpha ASM Even Read Alpha
_asm_evenread_alpha2 ASM Even Read Second Alpha
_asm_evenread_faststart ASM Even Read Fast Start Threshold
_assm_force_fetchmeta enable metadata block fetching in ASSM segment scan
_assm_high_gsp_threshold Number of blocks rejected before growing segment
_assm_low_gsp_threshold Number of blocks rejected before collecting stats
_async_ts_threshold check tablespace thresholds asynchronously
_autotask_test_name Name of current Autotask Test (or test step)
_awr_pdb_registration_enabled Parameter to enable/disable AWR PDB Registration
_b_tree_bitmap_plans enable the use of bitmap plans for tables w. only B-tree indexes
_backup_align_write_io align backup write I/Os
_backup_automatic_retry automatic retry on backup write errors
_backup_disk_bufcnt number of buffers used for DISK channels
_backup_disk_bufsz size of buffers used for DISK channels
_backup_dynamic_buffers dynamically compute backup/restore buffer sizes
_backup_encrypt_opt_mode specifies encryption block optimization mode
_backup_file_bufcnt number of buffers used for file access
_backup_file_bufsz size of buffers used for file access
_backup_kgc_blksiz specifies buffer size to be used by HIGH compression
_backup_kgc_bufsz specifies buffer size to be used by BASIC compression
_backup_kgc_memlevel specifies memory level for MEDIUM compression
_backup_kgc_niters specifies number of iterations done by BASIC compression
_backup_kgc_perflevel specifies compression (performance) level for MEDIUM compression
_backup_kgc_scheme specifies compression scheme
_backup_kgc_type specifies compression type used by kgc BASIC compression
_backup_kgc_windowbits specifies window size for MEDIUM compression
_backup_ksfq_bufcnt number of buffers used for backup/restore
_backup_ksfq_bufmem_max maximum amount of memory (in bytes) used for buffers for backup/restore
_backup_ksfq_bufsz size of buffers used for backup/restore
_backup_lzo_size specifies buffer size for LOW compression
_backup_max_gap_size largest gap in an incremental/optimized backup buffer, in bytes
_backup_min_ct_unused_optim mimimun size in bytes of change tracking to apply unused space optimuzation
_backup_seq_bufcnt number of buffers used for non-DISK channels
_backup_seq_bufsz size of buffers used for non-DISK channels
_bct_bitmaps_per_file number of bitmaps to store for each datafile
_bct_buffer_allocation_max maximum size of all change tracking buffer allocations, in bytes
_bct_buffer_allocation_min_extents mininum number of extents to allocate per buffer allocation
_bct_buffer_allocation_size size of one change tracking buffer allocation, in bytes
_bct_chunk_size change tracking datafile chunk size, in bytes
_bct_file_block_size block size of change tracking file, in bytes
_bct_file_extent_size extent size of change tracking file, in bytes
_bct_fixtab_file change tracking file for fixed tables
_bct_initial_private_dba_buffer_size initial number of entries in the private change tracking dba buffers
_bct_public_dba_buffer_dynresize allow dynamic resizing of public dba buffers, zero to disable
_bct_public_dba_buffer_maxsize max buffer size permitted for public dba buffers, in bytes
_bct_public_dba_buffer_size total size of all public change tracking dba buffers, in bytes
_bitmap_or_improvement_enabled controls extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_block_level_offload_high_lat_thresh High Latency Threshold for Block Level Offload operations
_block_sample_readahead_prob_threshold controls readahead value during block sampling
_bloom_filter_debug debug level for bloom filtering
_bloom_filter_enabled enables or disables bloom filter
_bloom_filter_size bloom filter vector size (in KB)
_bloom_folding_density bloom filter folding density lower bound
_bloom_folding_enabled Enable folding of bloom filter
_bloom_folding_min bloom filter folding size lower bound (in KB)
_bloom_max_size maximum bloom filter size (in KB)
_bloom_minmax_enabled enable or disable bloom min max filtering
_bloom_predicate_enabled enables or disables bloom filter predicate pushdown
_bloom_predicate_offload enables or disables bloom filter predicate offload to cells
_bloom_pruning_enabled Enable partition pruning using bloom filtering
_bloom_pushing_max bloom filter pushing size upper bound (in KB)
_bloom_pushing_total_max bloom filter combined pushing size upper bound (in KB)
_bloom_rm_filter remove bloom predicate in favor of zonemap join pruning predicate
_bloom_sm_enabled enable bloom filter optimization using slave mapping
_bt_mmv_query_rewrite_enabled allow rewrites with multiple MVs and base tables
_buffer_busy_wait_timeout buffer busy wait time in centiseconds
_build_deferred_mv_skipping_mvlog_update DEFERRED MV creation skipping MV log setup update
_cache_stats_monitor if TRUE, enable cache stats monitoring
_cdb_rac_affinity rac affinity for parallel cdb operations
_cell_fast_file_create Allow optimized file creation path for Cells
_cell_fast_file_restore Allow optimized rman restore for Cells
_cell_file_format_chunk_size Cell file format chunk size in MB
_cell_index_scan_enabled enable CELL processing of index FFS
_cell_materialize_all_expressions Force materialization of all offloadable expressions on the cells
_cell_materialize_virtual_columns enable offload of expressions underlying virtual columns to cells
_cell_offload_capabilities_enabled specifies capability table to load
_cell_offload_complex_processing enable complex SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_expressions enable offload of expressions to cells
_cell_offload_hybridcolumnar Query offloading of hybrid columnar compressed tables to exadata
_cell_offload_predicate_reordering_enabled enable out-of-order SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_sys_context enable offload of SYS_CONTEXT evaluation to cells
_cell_offload_timezone enable timezone related SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_virtual_columns enable offload of predicates on virtual columns to cells
_cell_range_scan_enabled enable CELL processing of index range scans
_cell_storidx_mode Cell Storage Index mode
_check_ts_threshold check tablespace thresholds
_clear_buffer_before_reuse Always zero-out buffer before reuse for security
_client_result_cache_bypass bypass the client result cache
_client_tstz_error_check Should Client give error for suspect Timestamp with Timezone operations
_collapse_wait_history collapse wait history
_column_compression_factor Column compression ratio
_column_elimination_off turn off predicate-only column elimination
_column_tracking_level column usage tracking
_common_data_view_enabled common objects returned through dictionary views
_compilation_call_heap_extent_size Size of the compilation call heaps extents
_complex_view_merging enable complex view merging
_connect_by_use_union_all use union all for connect by
_controlfile_cell_flash_caching Flash cache hint for control file accesses
_convert_set_to_join enables conversion of set operator to join
_cost_equality_semi_join enables costing of equality semi-join
_cpu_to_io divisor for converting CPU cost to I/O cost
_cu_row_locking CU row level locking
_cursor_db_buffers_pinned additional number of buffers a cursor can pin at once
_cursor_plan_enabled enable collection and display of cursor plans
_cursor_plan_hash_version version of cursor plan hash value
_cursor_plan_unparse_enabled enables/disables using unparse to build projection/predicates
_cursor_reload_failure_threshold Number of failed reloads before marking cursor unusable
_cursor_runtimeheap_memlimit Shared cursor runtime heap memory limit
_cvw_enable_weak_checking enable weak view checking
_datafile_cow Use copy on write snapshot for the renamed file
_datapump_compressbas_buffer_size specifies buffer size for BASIC compression algorithm
_datapump_metadata_buffer_size specifies buffer size for metadata file I/O
_datapump_tabledata_buffer_size specifies buffer size for table data file I/O
_db_block_chunkify_ncmbr chunkify noncontig multi block reads
_db_cache_miss_check_les check LEs after cache miss
_db_change_notification_enable enable db change notification
_db_disable_temp_encryption Disable Temp Encryption for Spills
_db_file_exec_read_count multiblock read count for regular clients
_db_file_optimizer_read_count multiblock read count for regular clients
_db_hot_block_tracking track hot blocks for hash latch contention
_db_index_block_checking index block checking override parameter
_db_row_overlap_checking row overlap checking override parameter for data/index blocks
_dbfs_modify_implicit_fetch DBFS Link allows implicit fetch on modify - only on SecureFiles
_dbg_scan generic scan debug
_dbop_enabled Any positive number enables automatic DBOP monitoring. 0 is disabled
_dbrm_quantum DBRM quantum
_default_non_equality_sel_check sanity check on default selectivity for like/range predicate
_deferred_constant_folding_mode Deferred constant folding mode
_diag_adr_enabled Parameter to enable/disable Diag ADR
_diag_diagnostics Turn off diag diagnostics
_diag_uts_control UTS control parameter
_dimension_skip_null control dimension skip when null feature
_direct_io_skip_cur_slot_on_error Skip current slot on error
_direct_io_slots number of slots for direct path I/O
_direct_path_insert_features disable direct path insert features
_direct_read_decision_statistics_driven enable direct read decision based on optimizer statistics
_disable_12751 disable policy timeout error (ORA-12751)
_disable_adaptive_shrunk_aggregation adaptive shrunk aggregation
_disable_cell_optimized_backups disable cell optimized backups
_disable_datalayer_sampling disable datalayer sampling
_disable_duplex_link Turn off connection duplexing
_disable_fast_aggregation fast aggregation
_disable_fast_validate disable PL/SQL fast validation
_disable_flashback_recyclebin_opt Don't use the Flashback Recyclebin optimization
_disable_function_based_index disable function-based index matching
_disable_implicit_row_movement disable implicit row movement
_disable_index_block_prefetching disable index block prefetching
_disable_initial_block_compression disable initial block compression
_disable_parallel_conventional_load Disable parallel conventional loads
_disable_primary_bitmap_switch disable primary bitmap switch
_disable_sample_io_optim disable row sampling IO optimization
_disable_system_state_wait_samples Disable system state dump - wait samples
_distinct_view_unnesting enables unnesting of in subquery into distinct view
_dm_dmf_details_compatibility set dm dmf details compatibility version
_dm_enable_legacy_dmf_output_types revert dmf output types to pre-
_dm_max_shared_pool_pct max percentage of the shared pool to use for a mining model
_dml_batch_error_limit number or error handles allocated for DML in batch mode
_dml_frequency_tracking Control DML frequency tracking
_dml_monitoring_enabled enable modification monitoring
_drop_table_granule drop_table_granule
_drop_table_optimization_enabled reduce SGA memory use during drop of a partitioned table
_ds_enable_auto_txn Dynamic Sampling Service Autonomous Transaction control parameter
_ds_iocount_iosize Dynamic Sampling Service defaults: #IOs and IO Size
_dsc_feature_level controls the feature level for deferred segment creation
_dtree_area_size size of Decision Tree Classification work area
_dtree_binning_enabled Decision Tree Binning Enabled
_dtree_bintest_id Decision Tree Binning Test ID
_dtree_compressbmp_enabled Decision Tree Using Compressed Bitmaps Enabled
_dtree_max_surrogates maximum number of surrogates
_dtree_pruning_enabled Decision Tree Pruning Enabled
_dump_common_subexpressions dump common subexpressions
_dump_connect_by_loop_data dump connect by loop error message into trc file
_dump_cursor_heap_sizes dump comp/exec heap sizes to tryace file
_dump_qbc_tree dump top level query parse tree to trace
_eighteenth_spare_parameter eighteenth spare parameter - string
_eighth_spare_parameter eighth spare parameter - integer
_eleventh_spare_parameter eleventh spare parameter - integer
_eliminate_common_subexpr enables elimination of common sub-expressions
_enable_columnar_cache Enable Columnar Flash Cache Rewrite
_enable_ddl_wait_lock use this to turn off ddls with wait semantics
_enable_dml_lock_escalation enable dml lock escalation against partitioned tables if TRUE
_enable_editions_for_users enable editions for all users
_enable_exchange_validation_using_check use check constraints on the table for validation
_enable_hash_overflow TRUE - enable hash cluster overflow based on SIZE
_enable_iee_stats enables IEE stats gathering
_enable_offloaded_writes Enable offloaded writes for Unit Test
_enable_online_index_without_s_locking Allow online index creation algorithm without S DML lock
_enable_query_rewrite_on_remote_objs mv rewrite on remote table/view
_enable_refresh_schedule enable or disable MV refresh scheduling (revert to 9.2 behavior)
_enable_row_shipping use the row shipping optimization for wide table selects
_enable_scn_wait_interface use this to turn off scn wait interface in kta
_enable_separable_transactions enable/disable separable transactions
_enable_type_dep_selectivity enable type dependent selectivity estimates
_evolve_plan_baseline_report_level Level of detail to show in plan verification/evolution report
_evt_system_event_propagation disable system event propagation
_expand_aggregates expand aggregates
_explain_rewrite_mode allow additional messages to be generated during explain rewrite
_extended_pruning_enabled do runtime pruning in iterator if set to TRUE
_fast_dual_enabled enable/disable fast dual
_fast_full_scan_enabled enable/disable index fast full scan
_fast_index_maintenance fast global index maintenance during PMOPs
_fic_area_size size of Frequent Itemset Counting work area
_fic_max_length Frequent Itemset Counting Maximum Itemset Length
_fic_min_bmsize Frequent Itemset Counting Minimum BITMAP Size
_fic_outofmem_candidates Frequent Itemset Counting Out Of Memory Candidates Generation
_fifteenth_spare_parameter fifteenth spare parameter - integer
_fifth_spare_parameter fifth spare parameter - integer
_file_size_increase_increment Amount of file size increase increment, in bytes
_first_k_rows_dynamic_proration enable the use of dynamic proration of join cardinalities
_first_spare_parameter first spare parameter - integer
_fix_control bug fix control parameter
_flush_plan_in_awr_sql Plan is being flushed from an AWR flush SQL
_force_datefold_trunc force use of trunc for datefolding rewrite
_force_hash_join_spill force hash join to spill to disk
_force_oltp_compress OLTP Compress all newly created compressed tables
_force_rewrite_enable control new query rewrite features
_force_slave_mapping_intra_part_loads Force slave mapping for intra partition loads
_force_temptables_for_gsets executes concatenation of rollups using temp tables
_force_tmp_segment_loads Force tmp segment loads
_fourteenth_spare_parameter fourteenth spare parameter - integer
_fourth_spare_parameter fourth spare parameter - integer
_full_pwise_join_enabled enable full partition-wise join when TRUE
_gby_hash_aggregation_enabled enable group-by and aggregation using hash scheme
_gby_onekey_enabled enable use of one comparison of all group by keys
_generalized_pruning_enabled controls extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_globalindex_pnum_filter_enabled enables filter for global index with partition extended syntax
_groupby_nopushdown_cut_ratio groupby nopushdown cut ratio
_groupby_orderby_combine groupby/orderby don't combine threshold
_gs_anti_semi_join_allowed enable anti/semi join for the GS query
_hash_multiblock_io_count number of blocks hash join will read/write at once
_hashops_prefetch_size maximum no of rows whose relevant memory locations are prefetched
_hj_bit_filter_threshold hash-join bit filtering threshold (0 always enabled)
_hwm_sync_threshold HWM synchronization threshold in percentage
_idxrb_rowincr proportionality constant for dop vs. rows in index rebuild
_ignore_fg_deps ignore fine-grain dependencies during invalidation
_improved_outerjoin_card improved outer-join cardinality calculation
_improved_row_length_enabled enable the improvements for computing the average row length
_in_memory_undo Make in memory undo for top level transactions
_index_join_enabled enable the use of index joins
_index_load_buf_oltp_sacrifice_pct index load buf oltp sacrifice pct
_index_load_buf_oltp_under_pct index load buf and comp oltp under-estimation pct
_index_max_inc_trans_pct max itl expand percentage soft limit during index insert
_index_partition_large_extents Enables large extent allocation for partitioned indices
_index_prefetch_factor index prefetching factor
_index_scan_check_skip_corrupt check and skip corrupt blocks during index scans
_index_scan_check_stopkey check stopkey during index range scans
_intrapart_pdml_enabled Enable intra-partition updates/deletes
_intrapart_pdml_randomlocal_enabled Enable intra-partition updates/deletes with random local dist
_ioq_fanin_multiplier IOQ miss count before a miss exception
_ipc_fail_network Simulate cluster network failer
_kcfis_automem_level Set auto memory management control for kcfis memory allocation
_kcfis_block_dump_level Smart IO block dump level
_kcfis_caching_enabled enable kcfis intra-scan session caching
_kcfis_cell_passthru_dataonly Allow dataonly passthru for smart scan
_kcfis_cell_passthru_enabled Do not perform smart IO filtering on the cell
_kcfis_cell_passthru_fromcpu_enabled Enable automatic passthru mode when cell CPU util is too high
_kcfis_celloflsrv_passthru_enabled Enable offload server usage for passthru operations
_kcfis_celloflsrv_usage_enabled Enable offload server usage for offload operations
_kcfis_control1 Kcfis control1
_kcfis_control2 Kcfis control2
_kcfis_control3 Kcfis control3
_kcfis_control4 Kcfis control4
_kcfis_control5 Kcfis control5
_kcfis_control6 Kcfis control6
_kcfis_disable_platform_decryption Don't use platform-specific decryption on the storage cell
_kcfis_dump_corrupt_block Dump any corrupt blocks found during smart IO
_kcfis_fast_response_enabled Enable smart scan optimization for fast response (first rows)
_kcfis_fast_response_initiosize Fast response - The size of the first IO in logical blocks
_kcfis_fast_response_iosizemult Fast response - (next IO size = current IO size * this parameter)
_kcfis_fast_response_threshold Fast response - the number of IOs after which smartIO is used
_kcfis_io_prefetch_size Smart IO prefetch size for a cell
_kcfis_ioreqs_throttle_enabled Enable Smart IO requests throttling
_kcfis_kept_in_cellfc_enabled Enable usage of cellsrv flash cache for kept objects
_kcfis_large_payload_enabled enable large payload to be passed to cellsrv
_kcfis_max_cached_sessions Sets the maximum number of kcfis sessions cached
_kcfis_max_out_translations Sets the maximum number of outstanding translations in kcfis
_kcfis_nonkept_in_cellfc_enabled Enable use of cellsrv flash cache for non-kept objects
_kcfis_oss_io_size KCFIS OSS I/O size
_kcfis_qm_prioritize_sys_plan Prioritize Quaranitine Manager system plan
_kcfis_qm_user_plan_name Quaranitine Manager user plan name
_kcfis_rdbms_blockio_enabled Use block IO instead of smart IO in the smart IO module on RDBMS
_kcfis_read_buffer_limit KCFIS Read Buffer (per session) memory limit in bytes
_kcfis_spawn_debugger Decides whether to spawn the debugger at kcfis initialize
_kcfis_stats_level sets kcfis stats level
_kcfis_storageidx_diag_mode Debug mode for storage index on the cell
_kcfis_storageidx_disabled Don't use storage index optimization on the storage cell
_kcfis_test_control1 kcfis tst control1
_kcfis_trace_bucket_size KCFIS tracing bucket size in bytes
_kd_symtab_chk enable or disable symbol table integrity block check
_kdbl_enable_post_allocation allocate dbas after populating data buffers
_kdi_avoid_block_checking avoid index block checking on sensitive opcodes
_kdic_segarr_sz size threshold for segmented arrays for seg_info_kdicctx
_kdis_reject_level b+tree level to enable rejection limit
_kdis_reject_limit #block rejections in space reclamation before segment extension
_kdis_reject_ops enable rejection heuristic for branch splits
_kdizoltp_uncompsentinal_freq kdizoltp uncomp sentinal frequency
_kdlf_read_flag kdlf read flag
_kdli_STOP_bsz undocumented parameter for internal use only
_kdli_STOP_dba undocumented parameter for internal use only
_kdli_STOP_fsz undocumented parameter for internal use only
_kdli_STOP_nio undocumented parameter for internal use only
_kdli_STOP_tsn undocumented parameter for internal use only
_kdli_allow_corrupt allow corrupt filesystem_logging data blocks during read/write
_kdli_buffer_inject use buffer injection for CACHE [NO]LOGGING lobs
_kdli_cache_inode cache inode state across calls
_kdli_cache_read_threshold minimum lob size for cache->nocache read (0 disables heuristic)
_kdli_cache_size maximum #entries in inode cache
_kdli_cache_verify verify cached inode via deserialization
_kdli_cache_write_threshold minimum lob size for cache->nocache write (0 disables heuristic)
_kdli_cacheable_length minimum lob length for inode cacheability
_kdli_checkpoint_flush do not invalidate cache buffers after write
_kdli_dbc override db_block_checking setting for securefiles
_kdli_delay_flushes delay flushing cache writes to direct-write lobs
_kdli_descn_adj coalesce extents with deallocation scn adjustment
_kdli_flush_cache_reads flush cache-reads data blocks after load
_kdli_flush_injections flush injected buffers of CACHE NOLOGGING lobs before commit
_kdli_force_cr force CR when reading data blocks of direct-write lobs
_kdli_force_cr_meta force CR when reading metadata blocks of direct-write lobs
_kdli_force_storage force storage settings for all lobs
_kdli_full_readahead_threshold maximum lob size for full readahead
_kdli_inject_assert inject asserts into the inode
_kdli_inject_batch buffer injection batch size [1, KCBNEWMAX]
_kdli_inject_crash inject crashes into the inode
_kdli_inline_xfm allow inline transformed lobs
_kdli_inode_preference inline inode evolution preference (data, headless, lhb)
_kdli_inplace_overwrite maximum inplace overwrite size (> chunksize)
_kdli_itree_entries #entries in lhb/itree blocks (for testing only)
_kdli_memory_protect trace accesses to inode memory outside kdli API functions
_kdli_mts_so use state objects in shared server for asyncIO pipelines
_kdli_oneblk allocate chunks as single blocks
_kdli_preallocation_mode preallocation mode for lob growth
_kdli_preallocation_pct percentage preallocation [0 .. inf) for lob growth
_kdli_ralc_length lob length threshold to trigger rounded allocations
_kdli_ralc_rounding rounding granularity for rounded allocations
_kdli_rci_lobmap_entries #entries in RCI lobmap before migration to lhb
_kdli_readahead_limit shared/cached IO readahead limit
_kdli_readahead_strategy shared/cached IO readahead strategy
_kdli_recent_scn use recent (not dependent) scns for block format/allocation
_kdli_reshape reshape an inode to inline or headless on length truncation
_kdli_safe_callbacks invoke inode read/write callbacks safely
_kdli_sio_async asynchronous shared IO
_kdli_sio_backoff use exponential backoff when attempting SIOP allocations
_kdli_sio_bps maximum blocks per IO slot
_kdli_sio_dop degree-of-parallelism in the SIO keep pool
_kdli_sio_fbwrite_pct percentage of buffer used for direct writes in flashback-db
_kdli_sio_fgio reap asynchronous IO in the foreground
_kdli_sio_fileopen shared IO fileopen mode: datasync vs nodatasync vs async
_kdli_sio_flush enable shared IO pool operations
_kdli_sio_free free IO buffers when not in active use
_kdli_sio_min_read shared IO pool read threshold
_kdli_sio_min_write shared IO pool write threshold
_kdli_sio_nbufs maximum #IO buffers to allocate per session
_kdli_sio_niods maximum #IO descriptors to allocate per session
_kdli_sio_on enable shared IO pool operations
_kdli_sio_pga use PGA allocations for direct IO
_kdli_sio_pga_top PGA allocations come from toplevel PGA heap
_kdli_sio_strategy shared IO strategy: block vs. extent
_kdli_sio_write_pct percentage of buffer used for direct writes
_kdli_small_cache_limit size limit of small inode cache
_kdli_sort_dbas sort dbas during chunkification
_kdli_space_cache_limit maximum size of the space cache in #blocks
_kdli_squeeze compact lobmap extents with contiguous dbas
_kdli_timer_dmp dump inode timers on session termination
_kdli_timer_trc trace inode timers to uts/tracefile
_kdli_trace inode trace level
_kdli_vll_direct use skip-navigation and direct-positioning in vll-domain
_kdlwp_flush_threshold WGC flush threshold in bytes
_kdlxp_cmp_subunit_size size of compression sub-unit in bytes
_kdlxp_dedup_flush_threshold deduplication flush threshold in bytes
_kdlxp_dedup_hash_algo secure hash algorithm for deduplication - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_dedup_inl_pctfree deduplication pct size increase by which inlining avoided
_kdlxp_dedup_prefix_threshold deduplication prefix hash threshold in bytes
_kdlxp_dedup_wapp_len deduplication length to allow write-append
_kdlxp_lobcmpadp enable adaptive compression - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_lobcmplevel Default securefile compression
_kdlxp_lobcmprciver Default securefile compression map version
_kdlxp_lobcompress enable lob compression - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_lobdeduplicate enable lob deduplication - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_lobdedupvalidate enable deduplicate validate - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_lobencrypt enable lob encryption - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_mincmp minimum comp ratio in pct - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_mincmplen minimum loblen to compress - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_minxfm_size minimum transformation size in bytes
_kdlxp_spare1 deduplication spare 1
_kdlxp_uncmp lob data uncompressed - only on SecureFiles
_kdlxp_xfmcache enable xfm cache - only on SecureFiles
_kdt_buffering control kdt buffering for conventional inserts
_kdtgsp_retries max number of retries in kdtgsp if space returns same block
_kdu_array_depth array update retry recursion depth limits
_kdz_hcc_flags Miscellaneous HCC flags
_kdz_hcc_track_upd_rids Enable rowid tracking during updates
_kdz_pred_nrows Number of rows to predicate at a time in kdzt
_kdz_proj_nrows Number of rows to project at a time in kdzt
_kgl_cap_hd_alo_stacks capture stacks for library cache handle allocation
_kgl_debug Library cache debugging
_kgl_kqr_cap_so_stacks capture stacks for library and row cache state objects
_kgl_min_cached_so_count Minimum cached SO count. If > 1 can help find SO corruptions
_kks_free_cursor_stat_pct percentage of cursor stats buckets to scan on each load, in 1/10th of a percent
_kokli_cache_size Size limit of ADT Table Lookup Cache
_kql_subheap_trace tracing level for library cache subheap level pins
_kqr_optimistic_reads optimistic reading of row cache objects
_ksd_test_param KSD test parmeter
_ksdx_charset_ratio ratio between the system and oradebug character set
_ksdxdocmd_default_timeout_ms default timeout for internal oradebug commands
_kse_snap_ring_record_stack should error snap ring entries show a short stack trace
_kse_snap_ring_size ring buffer to debug internal error 17090
_kse_trace_int_msg_clear enables soft assert of KGECLEAERERROR is cleares an interrupt message
_ksi_trace KSI trace string of lock type(s)
_kspol_tac_timeout timeouts for TAC registerd by kspol
_ksxp_compat_flags ksxp compat flags
_ksxp_dynamic_skgxp_param dynamic skgxp parameters
_ksxp_if_config ksxp if config flags
_ksxp_testing KSXP test parameter
_kxdbio_disable_offload_opcode KXDBIO Disable offload for the set opcodes. Value is a Bitmap of 0x00000001 - disable cell to cell data copy offload 0x0000 0002 - disable disk scrubbing offload to cell 0x00000004 - disable offloaded writes to cell
_kxdbio_hca_loadavg_thresh HCA loadavg threshold at which writes need to get offloaded
_kxdbio_ut_ctl kxdbio unit test controls
_latch_miss_stat_sid Sid of process for which to collect latch stats
_ldr_io_size size of write IOs used during a load operation
_ldr_io_size2 size of write IOs used during a load operation of EHCC with HWMB
_ldr_pga_lim pga limit, beyond which new partition loads are delayed
_ldr_tempseg_threshold amount to buffer prior to allocating temp segment (extent sizing)
_left_nested_loops_random enable random distribution method for left of nestedloops
_like_with_bind_as_equality treat LIKE predicate with bind as an equality predicate
_load_without_compile Load PL/SQL or Database objects without compilation
_local_communication_costing_enabled enable local communication costing when TRUE
_local_communication_ratio set the ratio between global and local communication (0..100)
_lock_ref_constraint_count number of nowait attempts to lock referential constraint
_log_deletion_policy archivelog deletion policy for mandatory/all destination
_ltc_trace tracing level for load table conventional
_mav_refresh_consistent_read refresh materialized views using consistent read snapshot
_mav_refresh_double_count_prevented materialized view MAV refreshes avoid double counting
_mav_refresh_opt optimizations during refresh of materialized views
_mav_refresh_unionall_tables # tables for union all expansion during materialized view refresh
_max_async_wait_for_catch_up Switchover wait time for async LNS to catch up in seconds
_max_incident_file_size Maximum size (in KB, MB, GB, Blocks) of incident dump file
_max_io_size Maximum I/O size in bytes for sequential file accesses
_max_rwgs_groupings maximum no of groupings on materialized views
_max_string_size_bypass controls error checking for the max_string_size parameter
_minimal_stats_aggregation prohibit stats aggregation at compile/partition maintenance time
_mmv_query_rewrite_enabled allow rewrites with multiple MVs and/or base tables
_modify_column_index_unusable allow ALTER TABLE MODIFY(column) to violate index key length limit
_module_action_old_length Use module and action old length parameter
_multi_transaction_optimization_enabled reduce SGA memory use during create of a partitioned table
_mv_add_log_placeholder add log placeholder
_mv_cleanup_orphaned_metadata cleanup orphaned materialized view metadata
_mv_complete_refresh_conventional use conventional INSERTs for MV complete refresh
_mv_deferred_no_log_age_val avoid build deferred MV log age validate
_mv_expression_extend_size MV expression extend size
_mv_generalized_oj_refresh_opt enable/disable new algorithm for MJV with generalized outer joins
_mv_refresh_delta_fraction delta mv as fractional percentage of size of mv
_mv_refresh_enhanced_dml_detection enable enhanced detection of DML types from MV log
_mv_refresh_eut refresh materialized views using EUT(partition)-based algorithm
_mv_refresh_force_parallel_query force materialized view refreshes to use parallel query
_mv_refresh_insert_no_append materialized view refresh using insert no append
_mv_refresh_new_setup_disabled materialized view MV refresh new setup disabling
_mv_refresh_no_idx_rebuild avoid index rebuild as part of the MV refresh
_mv_refresh_pkfk_data_units_opt control MV refresh based on the assumption of PK-FK data units
_mv_refresh_pkfk_relationship_opt control MV refresh based on the use of PK-FK relationships
_mv_refresh_rebuild_percentage minimum percentage change required in MV to force an indexrebuild
_mv_refresh_selections create materialized views with selections and fast refresh
_mv_refresh_update_analysis materialized view refresh using update analysis
_mv_refresh_use_hash_sj use hash_sj hint in queries
_mv_refresh_use_no_merge use no_merge hint in queries
_mv_refresh_use_stats pass cardinality hints to refresh queries
_mv_refsched_timeincr proportionality constant for dop vs. time in MV refresh
_mv_rolling_inv create/alter mv uses rolling cursor invalidation instead of immediate
_nchar_imp_cnv NLS allow Implicit Conversion between CHAR and NCHAR
_nchar_imp_conv should implicit conversion bewteen clob and nclob be allowed
_ncmb_readahead_enabled enable multi-block readahead for an index scan
_ncmb_readahead_tracing turn on multi-block readahead tracing
_nested_loop_fudge nested loop fudge
_nested_mv_fast_oncommit_enabled nested MV refresh fast on commit allowed
_new_initial_join_orders enable initial join orders based on new ordering heuristics
_new_sort_cost_estimate enables the use of new cost estimate for sort
_newsort_enabled controls whether new sorts can be used as system sort
_newsort_ordered_pct controls when new sort avoids sorting ordered input
_newsort_type specifies options for the new sort algorithm
_nineteenth_spare_parameter nineteenth spare parameter - string
_ninth_spare_parameter ninth spare parameter - integer
_nlj_batching_ae_flag FAE flag type set after restoring to IO batching buffer
_nlj_batching_enabled enable batching of the RHS IO in NLJ
_nlj_batching_misses_enabled enable exceptions for buffer cache misses
_no_or_expansion OR expansion during optimization disabled
_no_stale_joinback_rewrite No joinbacks if mv is stale
_nologging_sdcl_append_wait Nologging standby append sdcl wait time
_nologging_sendbuf_ratio Nologging standby: outstanding send buffer ratio
_nologging_txn_cmt_wait Nologging standby transaction commit wait time
_noseg_for_unusable_index_enabled no segments for unusable indexes if set to TRUE
_olap_adv_comp_stats_cc_precomp do additional predicate stats analysis for AW rowsource
_olap_adv_comp_stats_max_rows do additional predicate stats analysis for AW rowsource
_olap_aggregate_buffer_size OLAP Aggregate max buffer size
_olap_aggregate_flags OLAP Aggregate debug flags
_olap_aggregate_function_cache_enabled OLAP Aggregate function cache enabler
_olap_aggregate_max_thread_tuples OLAP Aggregate max thread tuples creation
_olap_aggregate_min_buffer_size OLAP Aggregate min buffer size
_olap_aggregate_min_thread_status OLAP Aggregate minimum cardinality of dimensions for thread
_olap_aggregate_multipath_hier OLAP Aggregate Multi-path Hierarhies enabled
_olap_aggregate_statlen_thresh OLAP Aggregate status array usage threshold
_olap_aggregate_work_per_thread OLAP Aggregate max work parents
_olap_aggregate_worklist_max OLAP Aggregate max worklists generated at once
_olap_allocate_errorlog_format OLAP Allocate Errorlog Format
_olap_allocate_errorlog_header OLAP Allocate Errorlog Header format
_olap_analyze_max OLAP DML ANALYZE command max cells to analyze
_olap_continuous_trace_file OLAP logging definition
_olap_dbgoutfile_echo_to_eventlog OLAP DbgOutfile copy output to event log (tracefile)
_olap_dimension_corehash_force OLAP Dimension In-Core Hash Table Force
_olap_dimension_corehash_large OLAP Dimension In-Core Hash Table Large Threshold
_olap_dimension_corehash_pressure OLAP Dimension In-Core Hash Table Pressure Threshold
_olap_dimension_corehash_size OLAP Dimension In-Core Hash Table Maximum Memory Use
_olap_eif_export_lob_size OLAP EIF Export BLOB size
_olap_lmgen_dim_size Limitmap generator dimension column size
_olap_lmgen_meas_size Limitmap generator measure column size
_olap_object_hash_class OLAP Object Hash Table Class
_olap_page_pool_expand_rate OLAP Page Pool Expand Rate
_olap_page_pool_hi OLAP Page Pool High Watermark
_olap_page_pool_hit_target OLAP Page Pool Hit Target
_olap_page_pool_low OLAP Page Pool Low Watermark
_olap_page_pool_pressure OLAP Page Pool Pressure Threshold
_olap_page_pool_shrink_rate OLAP Page Pool Shrink Rate
_olap_parallel_update_server_num OLAP parallel update server count
_olap_parallel_update_small_threshold OLAP parallel update threshold for number of small pagespaces
_olap_parallel_update_threshold OLAP parallel update threshold in pages
_olap_row_load_time_precision OLAP Row Load Time Precision
_olap_sesscache_enabled OLAP Session Cache knob
_olap_sort_buffer_pct OLAP Sort Buffer Size Percentage
_olap_sort_buffer_size OLAP Sort Buffer Size
_olap_statbool_corebits OLAP Status Boolean max incore bits
_olap_statbool_threshold OLAP Status Boolean CBM threshold
_olap_table_function_statistics Specify TRUE to output OLAP table function timed statistics trace
_olap_wrap_errors Wrap error messages to OLAP outfile
_old_connect_by_enabled enable/disable old connect by
_ols_cleanup_task Clean up unnecessary entries in OLS sessinfo table
_oltp_comp_dbg_scan oltp compression scan debug
_oneside_colstat_for_equijoins sanity check on default selectivity for like/range predicate
_online_ctas_diag controls dumping diagnostic information for online ctas
_optim_adjust_for_part_skews adjust stats for skews across partitions
_optim_enhance_nnull_detection TRUE to enable index [fast] full scan more often
_optim_new_default_join_sel improves the way default equijoin selectivity are computed
_optim_peek_user_binds enable peeking of user binds
_optimizer_adaptive_cursor_sharing optimizer adaptive cursor sharing
_optimizer_adaptive_plan_control internal controls for adaptive plans
_optimizer_adaptive_plans enable adaptive plans
_optimizer_adjust_for_nulls adjust selectivity for null values
_optimizer_ads_max_table_count maximum number of tables in a join under ADS
_optimizer_ads_time_limit maximum time limit (seconds) under ADS
_optimizer_ads_use_result_cache use result cache for ADS queries
_optimizer_ansi_join_lateral_enhance optimization of left/full ansi-joins and lateral views
_optimizer_ansi_rearchitecture re-architecture of ANSI left, right, and full outer joins
_optimizer_autostats_job enable/disable auto stats collection job
_optimizer_aw_join_push_enabled Enables AW Join Push optimization
_optimizer_aw_stats_enabled Enables statistcs on AW olap_table table function
_optimizer_batch_table_access_by_rowid enable table access by ROWID IO batching
_optimizer_better_inlist_costing enable improved costing of index access using in-list(s)
_optimizer_block_size standard block size used by optimizer
_optimizer_cache_stats cost with cache statistics
_optimizer_cartesian_enabled optimizer cartesian join enabled
_optimizer_cbqt_factor cost factor for cost-based query transformation
_optimizer_cbqt_no_size_restriction disable cost based transformation query size restriction
_optimizer_ceil_cost CEIL cost in CBO
_optimizer_cluster_by_rowid enable/disable the cluster by rowid feature
_optimizer_cluster_by_rowid_control internal control for cluster by rowid feature mode
_optimizer_coalesce_subqueries consider coalescing of subqueries optimization
_optimizer_complex_pred_selectivity enable selectivity estimation for builtin functions
_optimizer_compute_index_stats force index stats collection on index creation/rebuild
_optimizer_connect_by_cb_whr_only use cost-based transformation for whr clause in connect by
_optimizer_connect_by_combine_sw combine no filtering connect by and start with
_optimizer_connect_by_cost_based use cost-based transformation for connect by
_optimizer_connect_by_elim_dups allow connect by to eliminate duplicates from input
_optimizer_correct_sq_selectivity force correct computation of subquery selectivity
_optimizer_cost_based_transformation enables cost-based query transformation
_optimizer_cost_filter_pred enables costing of filter predicates in IO cost model
_optimizer_cost_hjsmj_multimatch add cost of generating result set when #rows per key > 1
_optimizer_cost_model optimizer cost model
_optimizer_cube_join_enabled enable cube join
_optimizer_degree force the optimizer to use the same degree of parallelism
_optimizer_dim_subq_join_sel use join selectivity in choosing star transformation dimensions
_optimizer_disable_strans_sanity_checks disable star transformation sanity checks
_optimizer_distinct_agg_transform Transforms Distinct Aggregates to non-distinct aggregates
_optimizer_distinct_elimination Eliminates redundant SELECT DISTNCT's
_optimizer_distinct_placement consider distinct placement optimization
_optimizer_dsdir_usage_control controls optimizer usage of dynamic sampling directives
_optimizer_dyn_smp_blks number of blocks for optimizer dynamic sampling
_optimizer_eliminate_filtering_join optimizer filtering join elimination enabled
_optimizer_enable_density_improvements use improved density computation for selectivity estimation
_optimizer_enable_extended_stats use extended statistics for selectivity estimation
_optimizer_enable_table_lookup_by_nl consider table lookup by nl transformation
_optimizer_enhanced_filter_push push filters before trying cost-based query transformation
_optimizer_extend_jppd_view_types join pred pushdown on group-by, distinct, semi-/anti-joined view
_optimizer_extended_cursor_sharing optimizer extended cursor sharing
_optimizer_extended_cursor_sharing_rel optimizer extended cursor sharing for relational operators
_optimizer_extended_stats_usage_control controls the optimizer usage of extended stats
_optimizer_false_filter_pred_pullup optimizer false predicate pull up transformation
_optimizer_fast_access_pred_analysis use fast algorithm to traverse predicates for physical optimizer
_optimizer_fast_pred_transitivity use fast algorithm to generate transitive predicates
_optimizer_feedback_control controls the optimizer feedback framework
_optimizer_filter_pred_pullup use cost-based flter predicate pull up transformation
_optimizer_filter_pushdown enable/disable filter predicate pushdown
_optimizer_fkr_index_cost_bias Optimizer index bias over FTS/IFFS under first K rows mode
_optimizer_force_CBQT force CBQT transformation regardless of cost
_optimizer_free_transformation_heap free transformation subheap after each transformation
_optimizer_full_outer_join_to_outer enable/disable full outer to left outer join conversion
_optimizer_gather_feedback optimizer gather feedback
_optimizer_gather_stats_on_load enable/disable online statistics gathering
_optimizer_generate_transitive_pred optimizer generate transitive predicates
_optimizer_group_by_placement consider group-by placement optimization
_optimizer_hybrid_fpwj_enabled enable hybrid full partition-wise join when TRUE
_optimizer_ignore_hints enables the embedded hints to be ignored
_optimizer_improve_selectivity improve table and partial overlap join selectivity computation
_optimizer_instance_count force the optimizer to use the specified number of instances
_optimizer_interleave_jppd interleave join predicate pushdown during CBQT
_optimizer_invalidation_period time window for invalidation of cursors of analyzed objects
_optimizer_join_elimination_enabled optimizer join elimination enabled
_optimizer_join_factorization use join factorization transformation
_optimizer_join_order_control controls the optimizer join order search algorithm
_optimizer_join_sel_sanity_check enable/disable sanity check for multi-column join selectivity
_optimizer_max_permutations optimizer maximum join permutations per query block
_optimizer_min_cache_blocks set minimum cached blocks
_optimizer_mjc_enabled enable merge join cartesian
_optimizer_mode_force force setting of optimizer mode for user recursive SQL also
_optimizer_multi_level_push_pred consider join-predicate pushdown that requires multi-level pushdown to base table
_optimizer_multi_table_outerjoin allows multiple tables on the left of outerjoin
_optimizer_multiple_cenv generate and run plans using several compilation environments
_optimizer_multiple_cenv_report control what to report in trace file when run in multi-plan mode
_optimizer_multiple_cenv_stmt control the types of statements that are run in multi-plan mode
_optimizer_native_full_outer_join execute full outer join using native implementaion
_optimizer_nested_rollup_for_gset number of groups above which we use nested rollup exec for gset
_optimizer_new_join_card_computation compute join cardinality using non-rounded input values
_optimizer_null_accepting_semijoin enables null-accepting semijoin
_optimizer_null_aware_antijoin null-aware antijoin parameter
_optimizer_or_expansion control or expansion approach used
_optimizer_or_expansion_subheap Use subheap for optimizer or-expansion
_optimizer_order_by_elimination_enabled Eliminates order bys from views before query transformation
_optimizer_outer_join_to_inner enable/disable outer to inner join conversion
_optimizer_outer_to_anti_enabled Enable transformation of outer-join to anti-join if possible
_optimizer_partial_join_eval partial join evaluation parameter
_optimizer_percent_parallel optimizer percent parallel
_optimizer_performance_feedback controls the performance feedback
_optimizer_proc_rate_level control the level of processing rates
_optimizer_proc_rate_source control the source of processing rates
_optimizer_purge_stats_iteration_row_count number of rows to be deleted at each iteration of the stats purging process
_optimizer_push_down_distinct push down distinct from query block to table
_optimizer_push_pred_cost_based use cost-based query transformation for push pred optimization
_optimizer_random_plan optimizer seed value for random plans
_optimizer_reuse_cost_annotations reuse cost annotations during cost-based query transformation
_optimizer_rownum_bind_default Default value to use for rownum bind
_optimizer_rownum_pred_based_fkr enable the use of first K rows due to rownum predicate
_optimizer_search_limit optimizer search limit
_optimizer_self_induced_cache_cost account for self-induced caching
_optimizer_skip_scan_enabled enable/disable index skip scan
_optimizer_skip_scan_guess consider index skip scan for predicates with guessed selectivity
_optimizer_sortmerge_join_enabled enable/disable sort-merge join method
_optimizer_sortmerge_join_inequality enable/disable sort-merge join using inequality predicates
_optimizer_squ_bottomup enables unnesting of subquery in a bottom-up manner
_optimizer_star_tran_in_with_clause enable/disable star transformation in with clause queries
_optimizer_star_trans_min_cost optimizer star transformation minimum cost
_optimizer_star_trans_min_ratio optimizer star transformation minimum ratio
_optimizer_starplan_enabled optimizer star plan enabled
_optimizer_strans_adaptive_pruning allow adaptive pruning of star transformation bitmap trees
_optimizer_system_stats_usage system statistics usage
_optimizer_table_expansion consider table expansion transformation
_optimizer_transitivity_retain retain equi-join pred upon transitive equality pred generation
_optimizer_try_st_before_jppd try Star Transformation before Join Predicate Push Down
_optimizer_undo_changes undo changes to query optimizer
_optimizer_undo_cost_change optimizer undo cost change
_optimizer_unnest_all_subqueries enables unnesting of every type of subquery
_optimizer_unnest_corr_set_subq Unnesting of correlated set subqueries (TRUE/FALSE)
_optimizer_unnest_disjunctive_subq Unnesting of disjunctive subqueries (TRUE/FALSE)
_optimizer_unnest_scalar_sq enables unnesting of of scalar subquery
_optimizer_use_cbqt_star_transformation use rewritten star transformation using cbqt framework
_optimizer_use_feedback optimizer use feedback
_optimizer_use_gtt_session_stats use GTT session private statistics
_optimizer_use_histograms enable/disable the usage of histograms by the optimizer
_optimizer_use_subheap Enables physical optimizer subheap
_or_expand_nvl_predicate enable OR expanded plan for NVL/DECODE predicate
_oradbg_pathname path of oradbg script
_oradebug_force force target processes to execute oradebug commands?
_ordered_nested_loop enable ordered nested loop costing
_ordered_semijoin enable ordered semi-join subquery
_outline_bitmap_tree BITMAP_TREE hint enabled in outline
_parallel_blackbox_enabled parallel execution blackbox enabled
_parallel_blackbox_size parallel execution blackbox bucket size
_parallel_broadcast_enabled enable broadcasting of small inputs to hash and sort merge joins
_parallel_cluster_cache_pct max percentage of the global buffer cache to use for affinity
_parallel_cluster_cache_policy policy used for parallel execution on cluster(ADAPTIVE/CACHED)
_parallel_ctas_enabled enable/disable parallel CTAS operation
_parallel_fake_class_pct fake db-scheduler percent used for testing
_parallel_fault_tolerance_threshold total number of faults fault-tolerance will handle
_parallel_load_bal_unit number of threads to allocate per instance
_parallel_load_balancing parallel execution load balanced slave allocation
_parallel_load_publish_threshold diffrence in percentage controlling px load propagation
_parallel_optimization_phase_for_local parallel optimization phase when all slaves are local
_parallel_scalability Parallel scalability criterion for parallel execution
_parallel_slave_acquisition_wait time(in seconds) to wait before retrying slave acquisition
_parallel_statement_queuing parallel statement queuing enabled
_parallel_syspls_obey_force TRUE to obey force parallel query/dml/ddl under System PL/SQL
_parallel_time_unit unit of work used to derive the degree of parallelism (in seconds)
_parallelism_cost_fudge_factor set the parallelism cost fudge factor
_part_redef_global_index_update online partition redefinition update global indexes
_partial_pwise_join_enabled enable partial partition-wise join when TRUE
_partition_advisor_srs_active enables sampling based partitioning validation
_partition_cdb_view_enabled partitioned cdb view evaluation enabled
_partition_large_extents Enables large extent allocation for partitioned tables
_partition_view_enabled enable/disable partitioned views
_pct_refresh_double_count_prevented materialized view PCT refreshes avoid double counting
_pdml_gim_sampling control separation of global index maintenance for PDML
_pdml_gim_staggered slaves start on different index when doing index maint
_pdml_slaves_diff_part slaves start on different partition when doing index maint
_pgactx_cap_stacks capture stacks for setting pgactx
_pivot_implementation_method pivot implementation method
_plan_outline_data explain plan outline data enabled
_plan_verify_improvement_margin Performance improvement criterion for evolving plan baselines
_plan_verify_local_time_limit Local time limit to use for an individual plan verification
_plsql_anon_block_code_type PL/SQL anonymous block code-type
_plsql_cache_enable PL/SQL Function Cache Enabled
_plsql_minimum_cache_hit_percent plsql minimum cache hit percentage required to keep caching active
_plsql_native_frame_threshold Allocate PL/SQL native frames on the heap if size exceeds this value
_plsql_nvl_optimize PL/SQL NVL optimize
_pluggable_database_debug Debug flag for pluggable database related operations
_pre_rewrite_push_pred push predicates into views before rewrite
_precompute_gid_values precompute gid values and copy them before returning a row
_pred_move_around enables predicate move-around
_pred_push_cdb_view_enabled predicate pushdown enabled for CDB views
_predicate_elimination_enabled allow predicate elimination if set to TRUE
_prescomm presume commit of IMU transactions
_project_view_columns enable projecting out unreferenced columns of a view
_projection_pushdown projection pushdown
_projection_pushdown_debug level for projection pushdown debugging
_push_join_predicate enable pushing join predicate inside a view
_push_join_union_view enable pushing join predicate inside a union all view
_push_join_union_view2 enable pushing join predicate inside a union view
_px_adaptive_dist_method determines the behavior of adaptive distribution methods
_px_adaptive_dist_method_threshold Buffering / decision threshold for adaptive distribution methods
_px_adaptive_offload_percentage percentage for PQ adaptive offloading of granules
_px_adaptive_offload_threshold threshold (GB/s) for PQ adaptive offloading of granules
_px_async_getgranule asynchronous get granule in the slave
_px_back_to_parallel allow going back to parallel after a serial operation
_px_bind_peek_sharing enables sharing of px cursors that were built using bind peeking
_px_broadcast_fudge_factor set the tq broadcasting fudge factor percentage
_px_buffer_ttl ttl for px mesg buffers in seconds
_px_cdb_view_enabled parallel cdb view evaluation enabled
_px_compilation_debug debug level for parallel compilation
_px_compilation_trace tracing level for parallel compilation
_px_concurrent enables pq with concurrent execution of serial inputs
_px_cpu_autodop_enabled enables or disables auto dop cpu computation
_px_cpu_operator_bandwidth CPU operator bandwidth in MB/sec for DOP computation
_px_cpu_process_bandwidth CPU process bandwidth in MB/sec for DOP computation
_px_dump_12805_source enables or disables tracing of 12805 signal source
_px_dynamic_opt turn off/on restartable qerpx dynamic optimization
_px_dynamic_sample_size num of samples for restartable qerpx dynamic optimization
_px_execution_services_enabled enable service-based constraint of px slave allocation
_px_filter_parallelized enables or disables correlated filter parallelization
_px_filter_skew_handling enable correlated filter parallelization to handle skew
_px_gim_factor weighted autodop global index maintenance factor
_px_granule_batch_size maximum size of a batch of granules
_px_granule_randomize enables or disables randomization of parallel scans rowid granules
_px_granule_size default size of a rowid range granule (in KB)
_px_groupby_pushdown perform group-by pushdown for parallel query
_px_hold_time hold px at execution time (unit: second)
_px_hybrid_TSM_HWMB_load Enable Hybrid Temp Segment Merge/High Water Mark Brokered load method
_px_index_sampling_objsize parallel query sampling for index create based on object size
_px_io_process_bandwidth IO process bandwidth in MB/sec for computing DOP
_px_io_system_bandwidth total IO system bandwidth in MB/sec for computing DOP
_px_join_skew_handling enables skew handling for parallel joins
_px_join_skew_minfreq sets minimum frequency(%) for skewed value for parallel joins
_px_join_skew_ratio sets skew ratio for parallel joins
_px_kxib_tracing turn on kxib tracing
_px_load_balancing_policy parallel load balancing policy
_px_load_factor weighted autodop load factor
_px_load_monitor_threshold threshold for pushing information to load slave workload monitor
_px_load_publish_interval interval at which LMON will check whether to publish PX load
_px_loc_msg_cost CPU cost to send a PX message via shared memory
_px_max_granules_per_slave maximum number of rowid range granules to generate per slave
_px_message_compression enable compression of control messages for parallel query
_px_min_granules_per_slave minimum number of rowid range granules to generate per slave
_px_minus_intersect enables pq for minus/interect operators
_px_monitor_load enable consumer load slave workload monitoring
_px_net_msg_cost CPU cost to send a PX message over the internconnect
_px_no_granule_sort prevent parallel partition granules to be sorted on size
_px_no_stealing prevent parallel granule stealing in shared nothing environment
_px_nss_planb enables or disables NSS Plan B reparse with outline
_px_numa_stealing_enabled enable/disable PQ granule stealing across NUMA nodes
_px_object_sampling parallel query sampling for base objects (100000 = 100%)
_px_object_sampling_enabled use base object sampling when possible for range distribution
_px_onepass_slave_acquisition enable/disable one pass slave acquisition for parallel execution
_px_parallelize_expression enables or disables expression evaluation parallelization
_px_partial_rollup_pushdown perform partial rollup pushdown for parallel execution
_px_partition_scan_enabled enables or disables parallel partition-based scan
_px_partition_scan_threshold least number of partitions per slave to start partition-based scan
_px_proactive_slave_alloc_threshold parallel proactive slave allocation threshold/unit
_px_pwg_enabled parallel partition wise group by enabled
_px_pwmr_enabled parallel partition wise match recognize enabled
_px_replication_enabled enables or disables replication of small table scans
_px_round_robin_rowcnt round robin row count to enq to next slave
_px_rownum_pd turn off/on parallel rownum pushdown optimization
_px_send_timeout IPC message send timeout value in seconds
_px_single_server_enabled allow single-slave dfo in parallel query
_px_slaves_share_cursors slaves share cursors with QC
_px_tq_rowhvs turn on intra-row hash valueing sharing in TQ
_px_ual_serial_input enables new pq for UNION operators
_px_wif_dfo_declumping NDV-aware DFO clumping of multiple window sorts
_px_wif_extend_distribution_keys extend TQ data redistribution keys for window functions
_px_wif_min_ndv_per_slave mininum NDV of TQ keys needed per slave for scalable WiF PX
_px_xtgranule_size default size of a external table granule (in KB)
_qa_control Oracle internal parameter to control QA
_qa_lrg_type Oracle internal parameter to specify QA lrg type
_query_cost_rewrite perform the cost based rewrite with materialized views
_query_execution_cache_max_size max size of query execution cache
_query_mmvrewrite_maxcmaps query mmv rewrite maximum number of cmaps per dmap in query disjunct
_query_mmvrewrite_maxdmaps query mmv rewrite maximum number of dmaps per query disjunct
_query_mmvrewrite_maxinlists query mmv rewrite maximum number of in-lists per disjunct
_query_mmvrewrite_maxintervals query mmv rewrite maximum number of intervals per disjunct
_query_mmvrewrite_maxpreds query mmv rewrite maximum number of predicates per disjunct
_query_mmvrewrite_maxqryinlistvals query mmv rewrite maximum number of query in-list values
_query_mmvrewrite_maxregperm query mmv rewrite maximum number of region permutations
_query_rewrite_1 perform query rewrite before&after or only before view merging
_query_rewrite_2 perform query rewrite before&after or only after view merging
_query_rewrite_drj mv rewrite and drop redundant joins
_query_rewrite_expression rewrite with cannonical form for expressions
_query_rewrite_fpc mv rewrite fresh partition containment
_query_rewrite_fudge cost based query rewrite with MVs fudge factor
_query_rewrite_jgmigrate mv rewrite with jg migration
_query_rewrite_maxdisjunct query rewrite max disjuncts
_query_rewrite_or_error allow query rewrite, if referenced tables are not dataless
_query_rewrite_setopgrw_enable perform general rewrite using set operator summaries
_query_rewrite_vop_cleanup prune frocol chain before rewrite after view-merging
_queue_buffer_max_dump_len max number of bytes to dump to trace file for queue buffer dump
_rdbms_internal_fplib_enabled enable CELL FPLIB filtering within rdbms
_rdbms_internal_fplib_raise_errors enable reraising of any exceptions in CELL FPLIB
_re_fast_sql_operator enables fast boxable sql operator
_re_independent_expression_cache_size defines max number of compiled cached expressions for iee
_re_num_complex_operator defines max number of compiled complex operator per ruleset-iee
_re_num_rowcache_load defines max number of complex operators loaded with row cache
_re_result_cache_keysiz defines max number key for result cache hash table
_re_result_cache_size defines max number of cached elements for result cache
_read_mostly_instance_qa_control internal parameter to control read mostly instance QA
_recursive_imu_transactions recursive transactions may be IMU
_recursive_with_max_recursion_level check for maximum level of recursion instead of checking for cycles
_redef_on_statement Use on-statement refresh in online redefinition
_relocate_pdb Relocate PDB to another RAC instance after it is closed in the current instance
_remove_aggr_subquery enables removal of subsumed aggregated subquery
_rep_base_path base path for EM reports in database
_replace_virtual_columns replace expressions with virtual columns
_resource_manager_plan resource mgr top plan for internal use
_restore_maxopenfiles restore assumption for maxopenfiles
_result_cache_auto_dml_monitoring_duration result cache auto dml monitoring duration
_result_cache_auto_dml_monitoring_slots result cache auto dml monitoring slot
_result_cache_auto_dml_threshold result cache auto dml threshold
_result_cache_auto_dml_trend_threshold result cache auto dml trend threshold
_result_cache_auto_size_threshold result cache auto max size allowed
_result_cache_auto_time_distance result cache auto time distance
_result_cache_auto_time_threshold result cache auto time threshold
_result_cache_timeout maximum time (sec) a session waits for a result
_right_outer_hash_enable Right Outer/Semi/Anti Hash Enabled
_row_shipping_explain enable row shipping explain plan support
_row_shipping_threshold row shipping column selection threshold
_rowlen_for_chaining_threshold maximum rowlen above which rows may be chained across blocks
_rowsets_cdb_view_enabled rowsets enabled for CDB views
_rowsets_enabled enable/disable rowsets
_rowsets_max_rows maximum number of rows in a rowset
_rowsets_target_maxsize target size in bytes for space reserved in the frame for a rowset
_rowsource_execution_statistics if TRUE, Oracle will collect rowsource statistics
_rowsource_profiling_statistics if TRUE, Oracle will capture active row sources in v$active_session_history
_rowsource_statistics_sampfreq frequency of rowsource statistic sampling (must be a power of 2)
_rowsrc_trace_level Row source tree tracing level
_sample_rows_per_block number of rows per block used for sampling IO optimization
_scalar_type_lob_storage_threshold threshold for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW storage as BLOB
_scn_wait_interface_max_backoff_time_secs max exponential backoff time for scn wait interface in kta
_scn_wait_interface_max_timeout_secs max timeout for scn wait interface in kta
_sdiag_crash sql diag crash
_second_spare_parameter second spare parameter - integer
_securefile_timers collect kdlu timers and accumulate per layers
_selectivity_for_srf_enabled enable/disable selectivity for storage reduction factor
_selfjoin_mv_duplicates control rewrite self-join algorithm
_serial_direct_read enable direct read in serial
_set_container_service set container service
_seventeenth_spare_parameter seventeenth spare parameter - string
_seventh_spare_parameter seventh spare parameter - integer
_sga_clear_dump Allow dumping encrypted blocks in clear for debugging
_shared_io_pool_debug_trc trace kcbi debug info to tracefile
_short_stack_timeout_ms short stack timeout in ms
_shrunk_aggs_disable_threshold percentage of exceptions at which to switch to full length aggs
_shrunk_aggs_enabled enable use of variable sized buffers for non-distinct aggregates
_shutdown_completion_timeout_mins minutes for shutdown operation to wait for sessions to complete
_simple_view_merging control simple view merging performed by the optimizer
_sixteenth_spare_parameter sixteenth spare parameter - string
_sixth_spare_parameter sixth spare parameter - integer
_skgxp_udp_ach_reaping_time time in minutes before idle ach's are reaped
_skgxp_udp_hiwat_warn ach hiwat mark warning interval
_skgxp_udp_interface_detection_time_secs time in seconds between interface detection checks
_skgxp_udp_keep_alive_ping_timer_secs connection idle time in seconds before keep alive is initiated. min: 30 sec max: 1800 sec default: 300 sec
_skgxp_udp_timed_wait_buffering diagnostic log buffering space (in bytes) for timed wait (0 means unbufferd
_skgxp_udp_timed_wait_seconds time in seconds before timed wait is invoked
_slave_mapping_enabled enable slave mapping when TRUE
_slave_mapping_group_size force the number of slave group in a slave mapper
_slave_mapping_skew_ratio maximum skew before slave mapping is disabled
_small_table_threshold lower threshold level of table size for direct reads
_smm_advice_log_size overwrites default size of the PGA advice workarea history log
_smm_auto_cost_enabled if TRUE, use the AUTO size policy cost functions
_smm_auto_max_io_size Maximum IO size (in KB) used by sort/hash-join in auto mode
_smm_auto_min_io_size Minimum IO size (in KB) used by sort/hash-join in auto mode
_smm_bound overwrites memory manager automatically computed bound
_smm_control provides controls on the memory manager
_smm_isort_cap maximum work area for insertion sort(v1)
_smm_max_size maximum work area size in auto mode (serial)
_smm_max_size_static static maximum work area size in auto mode (serial)
_smm_min_size minimum work area size in auto mode
_smm_px_max_size maximum work area size in auto mode (global)
_smm_px_max_size_static static maximum work area size in auto mode (global)
_smm_retain_size work area retain size in SGA for shared server sessions (0 for AUTO)
_smm_trace Turn on/off tracing for SQL memory manager
_smu_error_simulation_site site ID of error simulation in KTU code
_smu_error_simulation_type error type for error simulation in KTU code
_sort_elimination_cost_ratio cost ratio for sort eimination under first_rows mode
_sort_multiblock_read_count multi-block read count for sort
_sort_spill_threshold force sort to spill to disk each time this many rows are received
_sort_sync_min_spill_threshold controls the mininum spill size for synchronized spill (in percent)
_sort_sync_min_spillsize controls the size of mininum run size for synchronized spill (in kb)
_spare_test_parameter Spare test parameter
_spr_max_rules maximum number of rules in sql spreadsheet
_spr_push_pred_refspr push predicates through reference spreadsheet
_spr_use_AW_AS enable AW for hash table in spreadsheet
_spr_use_hash_table use hash table for spreadsheet
_sql_analyze_enable_auto_txn SQL Analyze Autonomous Transaction control parameter
_sql_compatibility sql compatability bit vector
_sql_diag_repo_origin duarations where sql diag repository are retained
_sql_diag_repo_retain retain sql diag repository to cursor or not
_sql_hash_debug Hash value of the SQL statement to debug
_sql_hvshare_debug control hash value sharing debug level
_sql_hvshare_threshold threshold to control hash value sharing across operators
_sql_model_unfold_forloops specifies compile-time unfolding of sql model forloops
_sql_ncg_mode Optimization mode for SQL NCG
_sql_plan_directive_mgmt_control controls internal SQL Plan Directive management activities
_sql_plan_management_control controls various internal SQL Plan Management algorithms
_sql_show_expreval show expression evalution as shared hash producer in plan
_sqlexec_progression_cost sql execution progression monitoring cost threshold
_sqlmon_binds_xml_format format of column binds_xml in [G]V$SQL_MONITOR
_sqlmon_max_plan Maximum number of plans entry that can be monitored. Defaults to 20 per CPU
_sqlmon_max_planlines Number of plan lines beyond which a plan cannot be monitored
_sqlmon_recycle_time Minimum time (in s) to wait before a plan entry can be recycled
_sqlmon_threshold CPU/IO time threshold before a statement is monitored. 0 is disabled
_sqltune_category_parsed Parsed category qualifier for applying hintsets
_sscr_dir Session State Capture and Restore DIRectory object
_sscr_osdir Session State Capture and Restore OS DIRectory
_sta_control SQL Tuning Advisory control parameter
_stat_aggs_one_pass_algorithm enable one pass algorithm for variance-related functions
_statistics_based_srf_enabled enable/disable the use of statistics for storage reduction factor
_subquery_pruning_cost_factor subquery pruning cost factor
_subquery_pruning_enabled enable the use of subquery predicates to perform pruning
_subquery_pruning_mv_enabled enable the use of subquery predicates with MVs to perform pruning
_subquery_pruning_reduction subquery pruning reduction factor
_suppress_identifiers_on_dupkey supress owner index name err msg
_switchover_to_standby_option option for graceful switchover to standby
_switchover_to_standby_switch_log Switchover to standby switches log for open redo threads
_swrf_on_disk_enabled Parameter to enable/disable SWRF
_synonym_repoint_tracing whether to trace metadata comparisons for synonym repointing
_sysaux_test_param test parameter for SYSAUX
_system_index_caching optimizer percent system index caching
_system_trig_enabled are system triggers enabled
_table_scan_cost_plus_one bump estimated full table scan and index ffs cost by one
_temp_tran_block_threshold number of blocks for a dimension before we temp transform
_temp_tran_cache determines if temp table is created with cache option
_temp_undo_disable_adg is temp undo disabled on ADG
_tenth_spare_parameter tenth spare parameter - integer
_test_param_1 test parmeter 1 - integer
_test_param_2 test parameter 2 - string
_test_param_3 test parameter 3 - string
_test_param_4 test parameter 4 - string list
_test_param_5 test parmeter 5 - deprecated integer
_test_param_6 test parmeter 6 - size (ub8)
_test_param_7 test parameter 7 - big integer list
_test_param_8 test parameter 8 - cdb tests
_third_spare_parameter third spare parameter - integer
_thirteenth_spare_parameter thirteenth spare parameter - integer
_timemodel_collection enable timemodel collection
_timeout_actions_enabled enables or disables KSU timeout actions
_trace_buffer_wait_timeouts trace buffer busy wait timeouts
_trace_kqlidp trace kqlidp0 operation
_trace_ktfs Trace ILM Stats Tracking
_trace_ktfs_mem Debug memleak
_trace_temp Trace Tempspace Management
_trace_virtual_columns trace virtual columns exprs
_truncate_optimization_enabled do truncate optimization if set to TRUE
_tsm_connect_string TSM test connect string
_tstz_localtime_bypass Should TTC not convert to LocalTime to preserve Timestamp with Timezone values
_twelfth_spare_parameter twelfth spare parameter - integer
_twentieth_spare_parameter twentieth spare parameter - string
_twenty-eighth_spare_parameter twenty-eighth spare parameter - boolean
_twenty-fifth_spare_parameter twenty-fifth spare parameter - string list
_twenty-first_spare_parameter twenty-first spare parameter - string list
_twenty-fourth_spare_parameter twenty-fourth spare parameter - string list
_twenty-second_spare_parameter twenty-second spare parameter - string list
_twenty-seventh_spare_parameter twenty-seventh spare parameter - boolean
_twenty-sixth_spare_parameter twenty-sixth spare parameter - boolean
_twenty-third_spare_parameter twenty-third spare parameter - string list
_txn_control_trace_buf_size size the in-memory buffer size of txn control
_undo_block_compression enable undo block compression
_undo_debug_mode debug flag for undo related operations
_union_rewrite_for_gs expand queries with GSets into UNIONs for rewrite
_unnest_subquery enables unnesting of complex subqueries
_unused_block_compression enable unused block compression
_upddel_dba_hash_mask_bits controls masking of lower order bits in DBA
_use_column_stats_for_function enable the use of column statistics for DDP functions
_use_fips_mode Enable use of crypographic libraries in FIPS mode
_use_hidden_partitions use hidden partitions
_use_hybrid_encryption_mode Enable platform optimized encryption in hybrid mode
_use_nosegment_indexes use nosegment indexes in explain plan
_use_platform_compression_lib Enable platform optimized compression implementation
_use_platform_encryption_lib Enable platform optimized encryption implementation
_use_seq_process_cache whether to use process local seq cache
_uts_first_segment_retain Should we retain the first trace segment
_uts_first_segment_size Maximum size (in bytes) of first segments
_uts_trace_disk_threshold Trace disk threshold parameter
_uts_trace_segment_size Maximum size (in bytes) of a trace segment
_uts_trace_segments Maximum number of trace segments
_verify_undo_quota TRUE - verify consistency of undo quota statistics
_very_large_object_threshold upper threshold level of object size for direct reads
_very_large_partitioned_table very_large_partitioned_table
_virtual_column_overload_allowed overload virtual columns expression
_wait_samples_max_sections Wait Samples maximum sections
_wait_samples_max_time_secs Wait Samples maximum time in seconds
_watchpoint_on is the watchpointing feature turned on?
_windowfunc_optimization_settings settings for window function optimizations
_with_subquery WITH subquery transformation
_xa_internal_retries number of internal retries for xa transactions
_xpl_trace Explain Plan tracing parameter
_xsolapi_auto_materialization_bound OLAP API lower bound for auto materialization.
_xsolapi_auto_materialization_type OLAP API behavior for auto materialization
_xsolapi_build_trace OLAP API output build info to trace file
_xsolapi_debug_output OLAP API debug output disposition
_xsolapi_densify_cubes OLAP API cube densification
_xsolapi_dimension_group_creation OLAP API symmetric overfetch
_xsolapi_dml_trace OLAP API output dml commands and expressions to trace file
_xsolapi_fetch_type OLAP API fetch type
_xsolapi_generate_with_clause OLAP API generates WITH clause?
_xsolapi_hierarchy_value_type OLAP API hierarchy value type
_xsolapi_load_at_process_start When to load OLAP API library at server process start
_xsolapi_materialization_rowcache_min_rows_for_use OLAP API min number of rows required to use rowcache in query materialization
_xsolapi_materialize_sources OLAP API Enable source materialization
_xsolapi_metadata_reader_mode OLAP API metadata reader mode
_xsolapi_odbo_mode OLAP API uses ODBO mode?
_xsolapi_opt_aw_position OLAP API enables AW position and count optimization?
_xsolapi_optimize_suppression OLAP API optimizes suppressions?
_xsolapi_precompute_subquery OLAP API precomputes subqueries?
_xsolapi_remove_columns_for_materialization OLAP API removes columns for materialization?
_xsolapi_set_nls OLAP API sets NLS?
_xsolapi_share_executors OLAP API share executors?
_xsolapi_source_trace OLAP API output Source definitions to trace file
_xsolapi_sql_all_multi_join_non_base_hints OLAP API multi-join non-base hints
_xsolapi_sql_all_non_base_hints OLAP API non-base hints
_xsolapi_sql_auto_dimension_hints OLAP API enable automatic dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_auto_measure_hints OLAP API enable automatic measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_dimension_hints OLAP API dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_enable_aw_join OLAP API enables AW join?
_xsolapi_sql_enable_aw_qdr_merge OLAP API enables AW QDR merge?
_xsolapi_sql_hints OLAP API generic hints
_xsolapi_sql_measure_hints OLAP API measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_minus_threshold OLAP API SQL MINUS threshold
_xsolapi_sql_optimize OLAP API enable optimization
_xsolapi_sql_prepare_stmt_cache_size OLAP API prepare statement cache size
_xsolapi_sql_remove_columns OLAP API enable remove unused columns optimizations
_xsolapi_sql_result_set_cache_size OLAP API result set cache size
_xsolapi_sql_symmetric_predicate OLAP API enable symmetric predicate for dimension groups
_xsolapi_sql_top_dimension_hints OLAP API top dimension hints
_xsolapi_sql_top_measure_hints OLAP API top measure hints
_xsolapi_sql_use_bind_variables OLAP API enable bind variables optimization
_xsolapi_stringify_order_levels OLAP API stringifies order levels?
_xsolapi_support_mtm OLAP API MTM mapping classes supported?
_xsolapi_suppression_aw_mask_threshold OLAP API suppression AW mask threshold
_xsolapi_suppression_chunk_size OLAP API suppression chunk size
_xsolapi_use_models OLAP API uses models?
_xsolapi_use_olap_dml OLAP API uses OLAP DML?
_xsolapi_use_olap_dml_for_rank OLAP API uses OLAP DML for rank?
_xtbuffer_size buffer size in KB needed for populate/query operation
_zonemap_control control different uses/algorithms related to zonemaps
_zonemap_staleness_tracking control the staleness tracking of zonemaps via trigger
_zonemap_use_enabled enable the use of zonemaps for IO pruning
asm_diskstring disk set locations for discovery
cell_offload_compaction Cell packet compaction strategy
cell_offload_decryption enable SQL processing offload of encrypted data to cells
cell_offload_parameters Additional cell offload parameters
cell_offload_plan_display Cell offload explain plan display
cell_offload_processing enable SQL processing offload to cells
cell_offloadgroup_name Set the offload group name
commit_logging transaction commit log write behaviour
commit_wait transaction commit log wait behaviour
commit_write transaction commit log write behaviour
create_stored_outlines create stored outlines for DML statements
cursor_bind_capture_destination Allowed destination for captured bind variables
cursor_sharing cursor sharing mode
db_create_file_dest default database location
db_create_online_log_dest_1 online log/controlfile destination #1
db_create_online_log_dest_2 online log/controlfile destination #2
db_create_online_log_dest_3 online log/controlfile destination #3
db_create_online_log_dest_4 online log/controlfile destination #4
db_create_online_log_dest_5 online log/controlfile destination #5
db_file_multiblock_read_count db block to be read each IO
db_index_compression_inheritance options for table or tablespace level compression inheritance
db_securefile permit securefile storage during lob creation
db_unrecoverable_scn_tracking Track nologging SCN in controlfile
ddl_lock_timeout timeout to restrict the time that ddls wait for dml lock
deferred_segment_creation defer segment creation to first insert
dst_upgrade_insert_conv Enables/Disables internal conversions during DST upgrade
enable_ddl_logging enable ddl logging
fixed_date fixed SYSDATE value
global_names enforce that database links have same name as remote database
heat_map ILM Heatmap Tracking
java_jit_enabled Java VM JIT enabled
listener_networks listener registration networks
log_archive_dest_1 archival destination #1 text string
log_archive_dest_10 archival destination #10 text string
log_archive_dest_11 archival destination #11 text string
log_archive_dest_12 archival destination #12 text string
log_archive_dest_13 archival destination #13 text string
log_archive_dest_14 archival destination #14 text string
log_archive_dest_15 archival destination #15 text string
log_archive_dest_16 archival destination #16 text string
log_archive_dest_17 archival destination #17 text string
log_archive_dest_18 archival destination #18 text string
log_archive_dest_19 archival destination #19 text string
log_archive_dest_2 archival destination #2 text string
log_archive_dest_20 archival destination #20 text string
log_archive_dest_21 archival destination #21 text string
log_archive_dest_22 archival destination #22 text string
log_archive_dest_23 archival destination #23 text string
log_archive_dest_24 archival destination #24 text string
log_archive_dest_25 archival destination #25 text string
log_archive_dest_26 archival destination #26 text string
log_archive_dest_27 archival destination #27 text string
log_archive_dest_28 archival destination #28 text string
log_archive_dest_29 archival destination #29 text string
log_archive_dest_3 archival destination #3 text string
log_archive_dest_30 archival destination #30 text string
log_archive_dest_31 archival destination #31 text string
log_archive_dest_4 archival destination #4 text string
log_archive_dest_5 archival destination #5 text string
log_archive_dest_6 archival destination #6 text string
log_archive_dest_7 archival destination #7 text string
log_archive_dest_8 archival destination #8 text string
log_archive_dest_9 archival destination #9 text string
log_archive_dest_state_1 archival destination #1 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_10 archival destination #10 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_11 archival destination #11 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_12 archival destination #12 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_13 archival destination #13 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_14 archival destination #14 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_15 archival destination #15 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_16 archival destination #16 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_17 archival destination #17 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_18 archival destination #18 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_19 archival destination #19 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_2 archival destination #2 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_20 archival destination #20 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_21 archival destination #21 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_22 archival destination #22 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_23 archival destination #23 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_24 archival destination #24 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_25 archival destination #25 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_26 archival destination #26 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_27 archival destination #27 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_28 archival destination #28 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_29 archival destination #29 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_3 archival destination #3 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_30 archival destination #30 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_31 archival destination #31 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_4 archival destination #4 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_5 archival destination #5 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_6 archival destination #6 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_7 archival destination #7 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_8 archival destination #8 state text string
log_archive_dest_state_9 archival destination #9 state text string
log_archive_min_succeed_dest minimum number of archive destinations that must succeed
max_dump_file_size Maximum size (in bytes) of dump file
max_string_size controls maximum size of VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW types in SQL
nls_calendar NLS calendar system name
nls_comp NLS comparison
nls_currency NLS local currency symbol
nls_date_format NLS Oracle date format
nls_date_language NLS date language name
nls_dual_currency Dual currency symbol
nls_iso_currency NLS ISO currency territory name
nls_language NLS language name
nls_length_semantics create columns using byte or char semantics by default
nls_nchar_conv_excp NLS raise an exception instead of allowing implicit conversion
nls_numeric_characters NLS numeric characters
nls_sort NLS linguistic definition name
nls_territory NLS territory name
nls_time_format time format
nls_time_tz_format time with timezone format
nls_timestamp_format time stamp format
nls_timestamp_tz_format timestamp with timezone format
object_cache_max_size_percent percentage of maximum size over optimal of the user session's object cache
object_cache_optimal_size optimal size of the user session's object cache in bytes
olap_page_pool_size size of the olap page pool in bytes
open_cursors max # cursors per session
optimizer_adaptive_features controls adaptive features
optimizer_adaptive_reporting_only use reporting-only mode for adaptive optimizations
optimizer_capture_sql_plan_baselines automatic capture of SQL plan baselines for repeatable statements
optimizer_dynamic_sampling optimizer dynamic sampling
optimizer_features_enable optimizer plan compatibility parameter
optimizer_index_caching optimizer percent index caching
optimizer_index_cost_adj optimizer index cost adjustment
optimizer_mode optimizer mode
optimizer_secure_view_merging optimizer secure view merging and predicate pushdown/movearound
optimizer_use_invisible_indexes Usage of invisible indexes (TRUE/FALSE)
optimizer_use_pending_statistics Control whether to use optimizer pending statistics
optimizer_use_sql_plan_baselines use of SQL plan baselines for captured sql statements
parallel_degree_level adjust the computed degree in percentage
parallel_degree_limit limit placed on degree of parallelism
parallel_degree_policy policy used to compute the degree of parallelism (MANUAL/LIMITED/AUTO/ADAPTIVE)
parallel_fault_tolerance_enabled enables or disables fault-tolerance for parallel statement
parallel_force_local force single instance execution
parallel_instance_group instance group to use for all parallel operations
parallel_io_cap_enabled enable capping DOP by IO bandwidth
parallel_min_time_threshold threshold above which a plan is a candidate for parallelization (in seconds)
pdb_file_name_convert PDB file name convert patterns and strings for create cdb/pdb
plscope_settings plscope_settings controls the compile time collection, cross reference, and storage of PL/SQL source code identifier data
plsql_ccflags PL/SQL ccflags
plsql_code_type PL/SQL code-type
plsql_debug PL/SQL debug
plsql_optimize_level PL/SQL optimize level
plsql_v2_compatibility PL/SQL version 2.x compatibility flag
plsql_warnings PL/SQL compiler warnings settings
query_rewrite_enabled allow rewrite of queries using materialized views if enabled
query_rewrite_integrity perform rewrite using materialized views with desired integrity
recyclebin recyclebin processing
remote_dependencies_mode remote-procedure-call dependencies mode parameter
resource_limit master switch for resource limit
resource_manager_plan resource mgr top plan
result_cache_mode result cache operator usage mode
result_cache_remote_expiration maximum life time (min) for any result using a remote object
resumable_timeout set resumable_timeout
sessions user and system sessions
skip_unusable_indexes skip unusable indexes if set to TRUE
smtp_out_server utl_smtp server and port configuration parameter
sort_area_retained_size size of in-memory sort work area retained between fetch calls
sort_area_size size of in-memory sort work area
spatial_vector_acceleration enable spatial vector acceleration
sql_trace enable SQL trace
sqltune_category Category qualifier for applying hintsets
star_transformation_enabled enable the use of star transformation
statistics_level statistics level
temp_undo_enabled is temporary undo enabled
timed_os_statistics internal os statistic gathering interval in seconds
timed_statistics maintain internal timing statistics
workarea_size_policy policy used to size SQL working areas (MANUAL/AUTO)
xml_db_events are XML DB events enabled


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