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2010年10月11日 (月)

MacOSXでCD-RWやDVD-RWに記録した内容を全て消去する方法(Unix/Linux使いだけど、MacOS Xは初心者って方向けの方法)

さて、さて、MacOS XのTerminalからいろいろと初心者向けじゃないことを続けて書いちゃおーかなーということで。


discus:˜ discus$ diskutil -help
Disk Utility Tool
Utility to manage local disks and volumes.
Most options require root access to the device

Usage: diskutil <verb> <options>
<verb> is one of the following:
list (List the partitions of a disk)
information | info (Get information on a disk or volume)

unmount (Unmount a single volume)
unmountDisk (Unmount an entire disk (all volumes))
eject (Eject a disk)
mount (Mount a single volume)
mountDisk (Mount an entire disk (all mountable volumes))
rename (Rename a volume)

enableJournal (Enable HFS+ journaling on a mounted HFS+ volume)
disableJournal (Disable HFS+ journaling on a mounted HFS+ volume)

verifyVolume (Verify the structure of a volume)
repairVolume (Repair the structure of a volume)

verifyPermissions (Verify the permissions of a volume)
repairPermissions (Repair the permissions of a volume)
repairOS9Permissions (Repair the permissions for the current
Classic boot volume)

eraseDisk (Erase an existing disk, removing all volumes)
eraseVolume (Erase an existing volume)
reformat (Reformat an existing volume)
eraseOptical (Erase an optical media (CD/RW, DVD/RW, etc.))
zeroDisk (Erase a disk, writing zeros to the media)
randomDisk (Erase a disk, writing random data to the media)
secureErase (Securely erase a disk or freespace on a volume)
resizeVolume (resize a volume, increasing or decreasing its size)

partitionDisk ((re)Partition a disk, removing all volumes)

createRAID (Create a RAID set on multiple disks)
destroyRAID (Destroy an existing RAID set)
checkRAID (Check a RAID set for errors)
enableRAID (Convert a disk to a degraded RAID mirror set)
convertRAID (Convert a RAID 1.x (pre-Tiger) to a RAID 2.x (Tiger))
updateRAID (Update the settings of an existing RAID)
addToRAID (Add a spare or member disk to an existing RAID)
removeFromRAID (Remove a spare or member disk from an existing RAID)
repairMirror (Repair a damaged RAID mirror set)

diskutil <verb> with no options will provide help on that verb

discus:˜ discus$ diskutil eraseOptical -help
Disk Utility Tool
Usage: diskutil eraseOptical [quick]
[Mount Point|Disk Identifier|Device Node]
Completely erase an existing optical disk. Ownership of the affected disk is required.
Example: diskutil eraseOptical quick /dev/disk2
discus:˜ discus$

消去したいCD-RWやDVD-RWを挿入後、デバイス名を確認! この例の場合、/dev/disk1ですね。

discus:˜ discus$ mount | grep discus_cd_img
/dev/disk1s1s3 on /Volumes/discus_cd_img (hfs, local, nodev, nosuid, read-only, noowners)
discus:˜ discus$


discus:˜ discus$
discus:˜ discus$ diskutil eraseOptical quick /dev/disk1
Started erase on disk disk1
[ + 0%..10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% ]
Finished erase on disk disk1
discus:˜ discus$





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